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Beautiful Strange

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About me

I'm a 38 year old fandom whore I like way too many things for the liking of my bank balance. I've been making websites for 15 years mainly about Anne Rice,
obsessed well not much.
I've used various methods. For many years I was using page builder at geocitites. I'm not that up to speed on html but I love my dreamweaver program. I'm now using wordpress on all my sites.
Please note I do not make money from my websites.
Making websites is purely a hobby.

I build websites on things I like many of which don't get many hits but it's all about the fun and when something is not as fun I don't update it as much.

I don't host other peoples websites and I don't make graphics or websites for other people unless they are close friends.

I can offer basic advice but that's it.

If you find any errors on pages please contact me at
webmistress @ beautifulstrange.net

These few pages are designed just to give you a rough idea about me they are not detailed information. If you want to know more personal things about me please visit
Blackcat's World. These pages are due a huge update.