On the morning of August 29 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans a Category 3 Hurricane which as predicted made the sea levels rise which in turn broke the levees. Katrina brought with it 125 mph winds and 8 inch of rain. As 20% of New Orleans is build under sea level the levees are the only protection the city has from the sea. The breaking of the levees was one of the major causes of the deaths people were unable to leave their homes as they was wide spread flooding. Drinking water became polluted and power sources very limited.

In Louisiana alone 1,577 were reported dead and 700 are still missing

I went to New Orleans 4 years ago it's a wonderful place
full of life fun and the people are lovely.

People should never forget what happened there the way it will forever change the people
The help New Orleans needed wasn't there till days after. People were only advised to evacuate at 10:00 a.m. on August 28 (19 hours before it hit).

I know people who use to live there who's house was totally destroyed unable to get enough insurance money they can not go back to rebuild. Katrina still affects people every day.


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