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To Eye of the Beholder the site to find out information on the 4 main hobbits and Gollum. If you want to find out more about any of the guys just click their name on the top banner.

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Lost and Blown away and Always and Forever
Great Lord of the Rings sites that are the best about what would I do without them.  
First Opened 18th August 2002

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Anything you want to take from here including putting them up on an forum or sending via email to friends, that I have scanned made or capped.
If you find anything here that is yours please go to the contact page and send me any email.

Site has been deleted


 25th May

Dear all
I have decided not to up date this site much any more due to the fact I am now working on an new web site that means I will be deleting a lot of pictures I have on here now to make more room. If you would like me to up date ths site please let me know but as I have not had much interest in it over the last few weeks at at this moment don't see much point in up dating if no one wants to know more.

30th April
Uploaded some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Caps

29th April
Sean's 50 first dates caps up still working on gallery.

25th April
Seems the animations pages have been a mess for a long time now please tell me guys if something is messed up so I can do something about it. Like broken links Still working on the gallery have changed some links and working hard getting the Billy Gallery up I never knew I had so many Billy pics.

22nd April
Working on the gallerys at the moment Andy section is up at the moment.

20th April
You might have noticed but I have this page and soon the enter page if you have any problems viewing it please contact me.