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The Witching Hour

The first in the series of books about the Mayfair Witches. You can't skip this book and go on to Lasher you will not understand it at all. I have an friend who read Lasher (or at least the first 20 pages) because she didn't realise it was the second book and got compliy lost and confused.
I love this book it's like you start as if you are Rowan not knowing about her family or powers.
Good bits about it you find out about an whole family as along with Michael Curry you read The Talasumca file on The Mayfair Witches. Lasher the evil ghost you just have to love.
Bad bits too many Mayfairs to keep track of and you can get easily confused between them. It's very hard to get into the book at the start. In fact when I reread it I normally miss the first 50 pages.
Who the book is best for. Those people who love to read the history of things as well as the present. People interested in Witchcraft and the supernatural.
Who the book is not for. Those who like an easy read those who are not patience and deadacated enough to read past those long, hard to read first couple of chapters. Those who don't like Anne Rice's detailed stories and don't like reading about past characters.
Many have said the book could do with being 100 pages less because it can at times get too detailed.
It's an book that takes an while to get into but when you do you will love it.

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The follow up to the Mayfair Witches book The Witching Hour. It follows the family journy to find Rowan. This book also forces on Mona Mayfair the 13 year old powerful witch who acts and talks like an adult.
The book is good in the fact you find out more who Lasher really is and about his people. You also find out a lot more about Julien Mayfair.
The character that carries this book is Mona Mayfair this book also has an strong storyline of the Talamacsca which I don't want to spoil for you.
Another great book but not as good as The Witching Hour. As it say's this book is about Lasher with an nail biting ending.

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The third in the series of the Mayfair Witches books. This book contunes the Talamsca story linethat's to good to spoil for you.
The book is about the species Taltos which Lasher is. It tells the story of Ashlar an Taltos thousands of years old. He tells his life story and he falls in love with the Mayfair Witches just like Lasher.
The best thing about this book is Mona Mayfair an very powerful and likeable character. She is the 13 year old red haired witch.

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Blackwood Farm

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Blood Canticle

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