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The Feast of all Saints

It took me a long time to read this book because I could not get into the fact Anne Rice had not written about Supernatural things.
Here is the basic story
A family lives in the 1800’s but this is no normal family The Father is a White planter who rarely lives with this family. The mother and a mistress a Gen. de color who is wild and passionate. Marcel a Gen. de color of 16 with his tightly curled blonde hair is wild and wishes to study in Paris and Marie is quite and lonely she can pass for white.
The story looks at 2 years of this family life that but these 2 years change their world forever. Marcel gets a teacher that he dreams of a famous Gen. de color writer who use to live in Paris. Marie finds love with Richard Marcel’s friend and the whole family find out some things about they father they didn’t know.
Everything seems to be going really well till they find out. Everything goes wrong Marcel goes to confront his father but is then beaten by him. This turns they world upside down. What can save this family is only they friends.

I have to say I loved this book when I got into it, it’s very different from Anne’s normal writing but then very the same the feels and the descridions are the same. Once you have fallen in love with the characters you will not be able to put it down. I found that Marcel was very much like the Lestat before he became a Vampire.

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Cry to Heaven

A boy loves to sing a rich boy Tonio of Venice he sings for his mother and his father’s friends he has a love it more than any other. The boy’s life is about to change when his father dies and his brother comes into town to take over. This brother Carlo is not a nice man and soon the boy wants to just stay out of the house. He spends time drinking singing and with a tavern owners daughter. At the same time the book follows the story of another boy Guido who is turned into a Castor at the age of 6. A castor is a boy/man who no longer has any testicles so always has a choir boy voice which is even higher than a woman’s. Special music has to be written for Castor’s, there are no longer any castor’s today. It follows him though his life and high points in his career. The worst thing happens to him that can happen to a castor he loses his singing voice when he reaches the normal age for a normal boy when his voice breaks. Guido
now wants to kill himself but his teacher gets hold of him before he dies. He then convices him to become a teacher and composer, Guido spends most of his time travelling looking for boys with great singing voices to be turned into
castor’s or who already are. Mean while Carlo has been plotting and Tonio does not know one night he is kidnapped and is turned into a castro. Tonio mourns his loss but is taken to a school for castor’s where Guido teachers and learns to sing. At first he is unable to adjust to his new life but after he makes new friends and lovers he is happy.
Guido and Tonio fall in love but still have other lovers Tonio loves Guido so much he will do anything for him. He goes to Florence to star in Opera that Guido has written and although he is upset to be playing the female lead he is a huge success.
Tonio is now able to act out a revenge on his dear “brother”.

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The Mummy

This book is a different from Anne's normal books it's not about Vampires and it is set in Edwardian times in Egypt and London.
The Mummy was orginal written for an television series but Anne had disagreements with the producers and so she turned it into an book. This maybe why it has a lot more dialog than her other books.
Although it's not about Vampires it is very much the same.
The Mummy in it is immortal he has power to make others immortal. I think he is very much Lestat in many ways. He is rash, kind but with an hint of evil. He loves a great deal and will do anything for the ones he loves.
Rames the main character and the Mummy is awoken after thousands of years he witnesses something on awaking and then sets out on revenge.
Julie Strantford is the one to introduce him to the edwardian age. Together they travel to egypt so Rames can understand things more.
While there Rames awakes someone or something that should not of been awoken can they find this thing in time will Rames discover himself read and find out.
I highly recommand this book I loved it although I was worried about it being set in edwardian times all the way though I think it makes the book. If you think you only like Anne Rice vampire books you will be wrong after you have read this book. This also is a good book for others to make the transion betwween Anne's vampire books to her other books.

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Servant of the Bones

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Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt


Based on the life of Jesus Christ at the age of 7

Anne's Note from her website about the book

October 28, 2005

"Dear Ones,

Tomorrow, October 29th, I leave on my book tour for the promotion of Christ the Lord. So far, the reception of the book has been quietly astonishing. Reviews have been far more kind than I ever expected, and the the talk on the internet is far greater than I ever imagined it would be, if I imagined it at all.

Let me make a few statements before I leave you for an extended period of meeting my readers face to face. First off, there is much misunderstanding about this book floating around, and misinformation about me.

This book, as I've already explained, is a sincere attempt to bring to life in fiction the world of Jesus of Nazareth, whom I believe, is the Son of God. The Four Gospels are definitely the main framework for the story, the main source for it, and the firm structure into which any fictional liberties are carefully placed. Use of the Apocrypha is extremely limited in this novel, and the reasons for the use of early legends about Jesus' childhood is fully explained in The Author's Note in the book.

I do not have any particular interest in the gnostic gospels. They do not figure in this book at all, as far as I know. Also I have not written anything at all resembling the Da Vinci Code. I thought the Da Vinci Code was a scream.

Regarding my return to the Catholic Church in 1998, this had nothing to do with my husband's illness, as he did not become ill till four years later. And it had nothing to do with my own illness in 1998 which happened afterwards.

My return to faith is described in The Author's Note as well. It was not something that happened over night. It came about over a period of years.

I make these statements because as I check out the blogs at night, I'm amazed at the momentum of false statements about me and the book and the opinions generated by these false statements. There is something frightening about seeing the same mistaken assumption repeated over and over again from blog to blog. Of course this chatter will undoubtedly die down at some point, and it may or may not affect the fate of the book in the Public Square. Whatever the case, if you've followed me this far, let me ask you to be open minded about Christ the Lord. I am not exaggerating when I say that the book surprises people.

I'm very much looking forward to this tour for all the obvious reasons: I'll see my readers, hear their voices, experience their presence in positive and fortifying ways. And this publication is especially thrilling to me because my conversion was so intense and so total, and this book represents for me the pinnacle of what I have attempted in a lifetime of writing. Understand, I've never written anything without zeal. But I do feel that all my previous research and all my earlier writing was preparation for this.

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