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1983 The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty 1984 Beauty's Punishment 1985 Beauty's Release
1985 Exit to Eden 1986 Belinda

A.N Roquelaure

1983 The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty


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1984 Beauty's Punishment

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1985 Beauty's Release

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Anne Rampling

1985 Exit to Eden

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1986 Belinda

I have to say I was very impressed with Belinda I was a bit worried at first after reading Sleeping Beauty I thought it would be more of the same. I didn’t know if I could do with that sort of thing in the modern day world being done to a 16 year old but it wasn’t and this may be a good book to read before The Sleeping Beauty novels.
Belinda is a love story but this one is different Belinda is a 16 year old runaway and Jeremy is a 45 year
old illustrator and writer of children’s books. Belinda is the person he must not touch the person who could ruin everything for him. It’s to late thought he falls in love with her as she opens his eyes to the real world. He becomes obsessed with painting nude pictures of her that he does not want the world to see.
Belinda has a lot of secrets, secrets she does not want to tell but Jeremy needs to know them. Will they love over come these secrets or will it tear them apart.
This story is sensual rather than sexual and the love is pure it’s not kinky and is written as Anne always does with great detail. When Jeremy talks about himself you feel Anne is having a private joke though him as he say’s things like (forgive if I can’t find the exact quote) I can’t show these paints they would ruin my career and Belinda say’s you could bring them out under another name or wait until you died.
It’s as Anne things that this book could ruin her but she bought it out under another name because she
had to write the book.

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