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The House

New Olreans airport and
The Hotel gathered

Voodoo pictures

New Orleans sights

Anne Rice related New Orleans

Anne Rice and First Street


Rice Related New Olreans Pictures

The Rink where Anne's shop is

After going to the shops we went for a hot chocolate we could see the cememtry from where we sat


       Lafayette Cemetery No 1 and Nicky  Mayfair Tomb

My pictures below click for bigger images


               At St Alphonsus    What the Loigan Furnual      Cafe du Monde

                                     Home might look like


     Gallier House   

This place was so lovley but we weren't allowed to take pictures inside    


Gallier House inside pictures (Lestat,Louis and Claudia's house)

Hermann-Grima House Inside pictures

(was used as Anne's Inspiration for Lermontants Family Home in Feast of all saints)

Again we were not allowed to take pictures of the inside shame but here is some from the outside
Click to get larger versions


Nottoway Planation

(like Fontault from The Mayfair Witches books)


                             Oak Alley Plantation   Destrehan Plantation

St Charles Street Car

(Carlotte Mayfair use to ride it every day to work)

After going on it I wanted to ride it every day


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