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The person that runs this website is HobbitFanatic if any links or images are not showing or there is credit missing please contact me. You may take any images in the gallery as long as it is not marked as not be taken any images on the fan encounters pages are not to be taken. All wallpapers and icons must be credited and none are to be reposted on other web sites.

Please contact Tsaress formally know as HobbitFanatic at
tsaress @ beautifulstrange.net

Bit about me

I'm an ex theatre student who writes and makes websites in my share time. I love LOTR Anne Rice Prince, David Bowie and The Killers. I'm 33 and live in leeds in the UK. I've met Thomas twice and Andy 4 times. I've met an lot of other LOTR people including Elijah Wood and have I have even had dinner with Billy Boyd at London Expo.

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