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Basic info

Sex female
Age 32
Birthday 5th July 1975

Right what's my name well you can call me Blackcat I am also known as Tsaress HobbitLover, Peach, Kitty, HobbitLOTRLover, Hobbit Fanatic and Purple Fairy. In real life I am know as Catherine or Cat to
my friends. You will find me all around the Net but mainly at Livejournal The Killers forums, Lord of the Rings web sites and forums and Anne Rice Forums.
I have a great many interests and obbesesings. This is where you
can hear about a few of them.

My main Obessesions are Anne Rice Books, Lord of the Rings the films including all the actors who
star in them, Harry Potter, the Film Labyrinth Cats, Prince, David Bowie, Star Wars, the Colour Purple and the The Narnia Books by C.S. Lewis. There are many more other things I like but that is just a few just to warn you.

I live in Leeds in the UK. Where spend my time on the internet, reading, listening to music and going to gigs and events. I do have an job but it's far to boring to talk about.

I finished University in June 2000 where I did a degree in Theatre.

Here are a few of my favourite things. I have a get interest in myths. legends and fantasy so a lot of my favourite films and books are based on things like that.

Favourite Films

This is my favourite of all time It was made in 1986 and it stars David Bowie as King of the goblins. Most of the characters are puppets and made by Jim henson company. They are very well made and at times you think they are real. Also watch out for the voice of Danny John Jools (Cat from Red Dwarf) as one of the Fire monsters.
The story is about a girl who is lost in her world of fantasy and doesn't want to grow up. She is made to look after her bady step brother who she hates. She makes a wish for the child to be taken away by the Goblin King.
Then begins the story she has to make her way though the Labyrinth to the Goblin castle to rescue her brother.
The music is mainly written and performed by David Bowie.
I have a web site on it  Jareth's Magic Dance

Lord of the Rings
Even though I am obessed with these movies and the stars of it It is not my favourite of all time in fact I don't think it's my second favourite. I love the whole fanasty world of it and the way Peter Jackson has put it over as a history. It's far to complained for me to go into the story here. Please read the book it is based on it is good but again not my favourite ever.
I have a web site of some of the Stars of the film called Eye of the Beholder
Also see my site Deagol & Smeagol.

The Shinning
I think this may be my second favourite film but it really is hard to chose as sometimes they change depending on my mood but Labyrinth will always be my favourite.

A film about Unicorns and evil, directed by Ridley Scott and Starring Tom Cruise as Jack. A young princess is shown where the Unicorns drink, she touches an unicorn. This gives an evil Goblin a chance to blow a dart into it and so he can then cut off it horn. The world is put into darkness and the Princess is captured. The dark lord falls in love the Princess at it is up to Jack to rescue the other Unicorn and and the Princess. It looks stunning just as most of his films do.

A film about three girls called Heather (Shannon Doherty stars as one of the Heathers) and one called Veronica (Winona Ryder). Veronica doesn't much like her friends they are people she works with and their job is being popular. She has a great talent for copying people's hand writing and this comes into full force when Jason Dean (Christain Slater) comes into town. Suddenly the most popular students in school are commiting suicide. Christain Slater is a god in this doesn't everyone like a bad boy.

Sleepy Hollow
A great film starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton it of course looks stunning. A murderer is on the loose it is not just any murderer it's the head less horse man. Real or not ? Johnny Depp has to find out what is happening before it is to late.
I'm a big fan of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton always gets the best out of him.

More Films I like

Interview with the Vampire, GoodFellas, Harry Potter Films, Star Wars Films, Princess Bride, Nightmare on Elm Street Films, Poltergeist Films and Shallow Grave starring the ever lovely Ewan Mcgregory.

I love reading I mostly read novels on vampires and witches and all things dark.
My favourtive Author is Anne Rice see my site on her First Street and I also like Terry Pratchett too.
I don't just read these things I also use to read a lot of classical books like Jane Auston. I read a lot of plays my favourite playwright is Harold Pinter please got to me Reflections Theatre Company page to find out my interest in theatre and go to my Theatre Link page to find out about Theatre Sites.

Anne Rice

She is best know for her Vampire books "Interview with the Vampire" was turned into a film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Many of her readers did not like the choice of actors. My self I found that they were very good.
My favoutite Anne Rice book is The Vampire Lestat. It is his life story. Another good book of hers is The Witching Hour about the family of Mayfair witches haunted by the spirit of Lasher
See my Anne Rice see my site on her First Street

Terry Pratchett

He is best know for his series of books about the Discworld a flat world that is carried though space on top of 4 elephants which in turn are on top of a giant turtle (the sex of which is not known). I was given my first taste of them when a friend bought me Equal Rites thinking it was about witches. I loved it and then went on to raid my brothers collection until he noticed I had them all and took them back.

J.K Rowling

Yes I like many others have been caught up in the Harry Potter world. A lot of people think she's just a simple children's author I would have to say read her books before you judge.You will love them as I do and will find you are soon wizzing though them and waiting impatiently for the next one.

C.S Lewis

The Narnia books were my first look into reading the books that my father read to me as a child. I reread them every now and again and get caught up them every single time.
Visit my Narnia Movie Site here.

Prince/ The Artist / O(+>

What ever you want to call him he is my favourite artist. I have liked him since the age of 15, when I first heard my favourite album by him Sign of the times. He has a lot of albums too many for me to list here. I have built a site about him take a look at it here.

David Bowie
The cracked actor, so called for the fact that nearly every album he has done he has been a different character with them. Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke. I like the fact his albums are all different and new. He does a lot of acting as well most of the films he does are not very good he also writes the music for the films as well. The best film he has starred in is Labyrinth and the best music score as well.

The Killers

I was late in getting into The Killers compaired to a lot of others but I now have a very growning obsession I'm offically a Victim. You can often find me on they fan club site. I also have a small website and a huge image gallery called Eager Eyes. I also run the livejournal communities The Killers News and Killers UK Fans.

Other Music

I like a lot of different types of music here is some bands and Artist I like Prince, David Bowie, Garbage, NIN, Nirvana, Blur, Pulp, Jarvis Cocker, The Beatles, The Feeling, The Subways, Razorlight, Louis XIV, Mika, Son of Dork, Snow Patrol, Keane, Kaiser Cheifs, Fall out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Suede, Brett Anderson, Tori Amos, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Harry Connick Jr, Madonna and many many more.
I also like Opera my favourite is Madame Butterfly
I like Classical music.
In fact I like most types of music apart from Country and Western.


Billy Connolly

A great scottish comedian who has been going for 30 years. He swear's a lot and it is very funny and the tour programmes he does for the BBC are the best.

Eddie Izzard

Well he is just like great yeah well anyway yeah cos like. Well I like his jokes on cats ok and ok he's cool. And yes he does like wearing dresses but that doesn't mean he's gay.



I have always loved this program since it came out. Well you have to love it just for Chandler my favourite character. A group of 20 somethings hanging round in a coffee house all day never doing work and still going out and spending lots of money. I wonder how they do it ????? Never mind it's only TV.

I like a lot of differnt programmes in fact I will watch almost any thing. Here are a few programmes you may catch me watching.
Lost, Heroes, Verconica Mars, Ugly Betty, Prision Break, Fraiser, Graham Norton, The Simpsons and Red Dwarf.
I use to watch X-Files a lot but I went off it.

Other Stuff Faires
I have always had a get love for them be it in film or paintings. Never say you don't believe in faires because every time you say that one dies. "Do you believe in faires" I would like to believe but they are best left in stories and pictures. I love the paintings at Cicely Berry a fairy for every month.


Dega, JW Waterhouse, Jonathon Bowser