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Here is where you can see some pictures of people who I have made friends with on the net and met

Important things to remember when meeting people on the net.

Always get to know them well first
Talk via a messager or pm sytem on a forum it's always hard to know the type of person you are talking to via email. I always find the best place to met people is on forums/message boards with chat rooms it's very very hard to be sure. Go to forums about things that you like then you always know the person you get to know likes the same things as you do.
Talk to them on the phone
Once you get to know them well talk to them over the phone so you have some sort of other connection than the net. It also means if you have trouble with your computer or the net connection you can still talk to them and they won't worry as much if you know them really well they can phone you see what the matter is.
Before meeting up
Always decide on a place to met up together never let the other person led you to met up in a place you don't want to go to. Never met at their house or yours met in a crowded place a resturtant even if it ends up being a Mcdonnalds or a small cafe is a good idea. That way if the met up goes bad you can make excuses to go after you have finished eating and it helps with those hard moment when you don't know what to say.

Make sure you know what this person looks like a detailed describsion or a photo. Maybe wearing something that you both know on we have a thing called an wee scarvie so you can always know who is a loon aka Billy fan.

Tell someone you are going to met up with someone from the net and what time and where and let them know what time you should be home also give them the phone number of the person you are going to met up with.

Arrange for someone to phone/text you while you are at the met up or phone or text them to let them know you are ok.

I hope your meetings go as well as mine have done and you make a lot of friends on the net.


The first person I met from the Net was Nicky know as Cherrypie on the old Queen Forum and now known as Nicky Mayfair. This picture was taken in the August 2002 after we first met we did in fact met in March 2002 but I haven't got a picture of the 2 of us together then. I first heard from Nicky when he started to email me. It was from my web site Blackcat's Anne Rice Site now known as First Street. He wanted to know extra information about Armand. I gave him a few links and the address to a forum I went to the Queen of the Damned Cast Forum.The old forum which is huge has now closed down but a new one opened with a lot less people going and so we have all got even closer. At first I thought Nicky was a girl very embassed about that one still always think about things like that I just presumed to much when he was going on about his ex boyfriend. I guess you could blame me for getting him hooked to the forum and the love you hate you thing that everyone has with MSN messager. We talked for hours on msn I talked to him on the phone before we decided to met.

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