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I first started this site formally known as Blackcat's Anne Rice site in 2000 while at University. I wanted to met other Anne Rice fans and share information. I noticed a huge gap where it seemed many sites did not cover any of the other books apart from The Vampire Books. So I set out to share information about all the books. This led on to me finding out about the Queen of the Damned film and starting up a site about that called Those Who Must Be Kept. Unfortnatly geocites deleted my site and all the information I had. When day when I have time I will start that site again. With 14 sites and 4 galleries I think I have a lot to keep me going at the moment. I did however make time to make a website about the Lestat Musical here.
I don't kept this site updated as much as I use to the fact Anne's writing has changed to cover subjects that don't interest me as much. I do how ever keep up on news and have still read all her books.
If you do find information out that I would be interested please do share it with me.

About me

I'm a 32 year old fandom whore I like way too many things for the liking of my bank balance.
I've been making websites for 6 years mainly about Anne Rice, obsessed well not much.
I've used various methods. For many years I was using page builder at geocitites. I'm not that up to speed on html but I love my dreamweaver program.
Please note I do not make money from my websites but if you want to help out that would be great just use one of my links to buy things from amazon.

If you find any errors on pages please contact me at littlevampkitty @ beautifulstrange.net


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