Christopher Rice

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Destiny of Souls
August 2001

I loved this book from start to finish it shows 4 close friends and as they go on to high school how they change. How one becomes an outcast for 2 of them to ridulcoa while another can only watch not able to do anything. The main character Stephen is gay and does not hide from this fact. It shows how he has to deal with his life like that and the way he falls in love. How he does not know how to go about being gay and the way he sees his so called friends act with him.
Then a tradgy happens which affects them all and years down the line how someone finds out about it all. Someone that Stephen doesn’t want to know. This book is about relationships friends family lovers and brothers. They all gather round the bright sun which is hidden the sun is Stephen.

Please read this book you will not be able to put it down.

Snow Garden
January 2004

Night Before Day
March 2005



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