An organization mainly made up of spiritualists, mediums and psychics. Scholars who study all supernatural things Vampire's, Witches and Ghosts.

"We watch. We are always here"

They make up files on the information they find some of these files have been written over centuries like the file on the Mayfair Witches.
They use many different way's to study from observation of people and talking to them to collecting books and paintings.
They spend they time in motherhouse's in Amsterdam, London or the more secret one in Rome. When they are not traveling around the world gathering information.
They are an tight order of brothers and sisters who in an sense adopt members who become novices for an couple of years before becoming full members.
They are an few members who have no psychic abilities and these are many used by the older full members to travel and look for information for them. These type of members have often been found by members on they travels. These people have nowhere to go to but much love to give and so the order looks after them,
The Talamsca/Order is run by the elders. Orders come from the elders to the members by fax and questions are sent to elders by fax. Noone knows who the elders are and the elders do not say.

Members of the Talamasca from The Mayfair Witches Books

Petyr Van Abel

Stuart Townsend

Arthur Langtry

David Talbot (ex Superior General)

Pictures from Graphic Novels left as a human right as a vampire.

As a young man he traveled round the world. Going though the jungles hunting. While in Rio de Janeiro he realized he had powers
and was taught by a Candomble Priestess how to use them. He also learned a lot of Voodoo while there. When he got back to England he realized he had to make use of his powers. He joined the Talamasca soon making his way up to Superior
General. He made a great many friends while there and also encouraged others to join.

Spoiler if not read Tale of the Body Thief

Jesse was one of these people, when Jesse was turned into a Vampire, David then became know to Lestat and so they became friends. David had refused to take the dark gift from Lestat. Lestat could see at 74 David had a bad heart and didn’t have long to live. David looked after Lestat when he went into the sun and also when Lestat swapped bodies to become a human. While helping Lestat get his body back David’s spirit was anchored in the young body Raglan James had chosen.

Spoiler end of Body Thief

This is when Lestat forces David to take the dark gift from him.

Lestat has know David for along time before turning him into a Vampire. David helped Lestat get his body back from the body thief but in turn in order to save him self had to anchor his soul into another body. After meeting up with Lestat again, Lestat asked him if he would like to be a Vampire David refused but Lestat made him one any way. David fled from Lestat and as Lestat was his maker he could not track him David decided to go and see Louis knowing that Lestat was sure to find him there.

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An elderly British member of the Talamasca born in 1921. He takes over the Mayfair Witches case and redoes the whole file. He has also be involved in the Vampire Lestat case an friend of David Talbot and Jesse. He makes contact with many friends of the Mayfair family to find out information on them and Lasher. He decides after an number of years investigating to talk to the then Witch Deidre and warn her about Lasher. Deidre is not interested as she feels that in recognizing Lasher will only feed the evil spirit. Aaron later mets with Cortland Mayfair who tries to poison him. He later hires someone to do poison him and Aaron only just survives and it is decided that the order will not make any further content in the near future. He later out Rita Deirdre friend tried to contact him to ask for help for her.
Deirdre gives birth Rowan and goes into an vegetable state. Rowan knows nothing about her family and Aaron wants to tell her.
While investigating another case Michael Curry's physic powers with his hands. He see's Rowan with Michael. He later convices Michael to read the Mayfair Witches file while he goes to the furneal of Deirdre Mayfair and look after Rowan.

Spoiler wh middle

Aaron warns Rowan about Lasher that he is not to be trusted. But she does not listen to him.

Spoiler wh End

Aaron helps Michael after Rowan disappear with Lasher.

Spoiler Beginning of Lasher

Aaron marries Beatice Mayfair and together with Yuri Stefon another member of the Talamasca they are excommunicate from the order.

Spoiler end of Lasher

He convices Michael not to kill Lasher so that they can hear his story.

Spoiler Talto and Aaron

Aaron is killed by an driver hired to do so. It is then thought he may have been hired by someone in the Talamasca who have taken matters into they own hands.

Antony Hopkins

I think he would be the only man for the job he is quite yet clever and he looks very honest.

Yuri Stefano

Anton Marcus

Stuart Gordon

Tommy Monohan

Marklin George

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