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Born on 4th October 1941 Mercy Hospital in New Orleans Howard Allen O'Brien (Anne Rice) is born to Howard and Katherine O'Brien. Anne has 3 sisters. Anne's mum died when she was 14, she had been an heavy drinker.
Anne's father remarries 2 years later and the family move to Texans where Anne mets Stan Rice. They get married on 14th October 1961 and move to San Francisco to go to University. Anne gets an BA in Creative Writing and Stan an BA in Political Science. This where Anne writes an short story in 1965 called October 4th 1948 which is publised by Transfer.
Anne gives birth to an girl on September 21st 1966 called Michele.
Anne is published in Transfer again and attends gradute school.
In 1969 the family move to Berkeley. This is where she writes an short story that will change her life that story is called Interview with an Vampire. She then writes an novel called Katherine and Jean. Anne does her Masters in Creative writing.
In 1972 Anne's daughter Michele died of Leukemia she was 6.
The Rice's moved in 1973 and things start to turn round for them, Anne turns Interview With An Vampire into an Novel in just 5 weeks.
After it is refused from serveral publishes it is finally published in 1976 by Knopf.
The Rice's travel for an while then Anne gives birth to Christopher on 11th March 1978. Anne contuines to write books which are very popular.
In 1988 the Rices move to New Orleans where they buy the now famous First St House. This house she uses for her Mayfair Witches books. She lives there very happily till her husband Stan dies on 9th December 2003 after his death she moves away from New Orleans she has now completed her Vampire books.
Anne sold her New Orleans house in December 2004 at the time she was already living in Florida.

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