Katherine Ramsland

She is the official Anne Rice biographer and she has done some great books see below you can order these books too just click the book and it will take you to amazon.

She has a Ph.D. in philosogly she has has written in lots of journals including psychology tool. After reading Interview with the Vampire she noticed it had a lot of philosophical theme's. She wanted to find out more about Anne Rice and so went looking for books about her.
She realized there was none so she approached Anne to write one. The biography was "Prism of the night". While researching for the book Katherine had gathered a lot of information about the vampires too much for one book.
Anne had been approached to write a companion to the vampire chronicles. Anne wanted to concentrate on her novels and asked Katherine to write the companion. This began Anne Rice's and Katherine Ramsland's long association, which produced other books such as The Witches Companion a companion to Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches book and The Anne Rice Trivia Book.

A list of her books are below
Books are listed in the order that they were published

1991 Prism of the night updates in 1992 and 1994

Katherine's first book on Anne Rice is this biography I have got the 1994 version which has a different cover to it. It's very good with some great pictures and information. You really get to know Anne though this book.

1993 The Vampire Companion updated 1995

This book has 2 version so be careful the first (the one I have) is the 1993 one and only goes as far as Tale of the body thief. The second updated version released in 1995 covers Menmoch the Devil. The 1995 version was never released in the UK and I hunted every where for it I ended up getting a copy from a UK book store on the Internet who searched for it for me. The book cost a lot of money so save your money and get it from amazon.com it might be in the US but still with postage on top it still works out cheaper and you can get the more recent issue. Let's hope she updates it again it would be good.

1994 The Witches Companion

Has loads of great stuff in a huge a-z book about the Mayfair Witches. I love this book so much where would me poor site be with out this book you can't remember everything so it's great for me to check I got all the facts right.
I got my copy in a Waterstone's I was told it was out of print but you seem to be able to get it on the net.

1994 Anne Rice Trivia book
this book is out of print but it is listed at amazon.com so you might be able to get it have a check. They often have second hand copies.
I got my version from Ebay a online auction site where you can get all sort of great things. I have comics and other Anne Rice books from there but recently I saw 2 of these books in Waterstones in Leeds in the UK . So maybe you could try them.
I have this book and it's really good I'm a real Anne Rice fan as you can tell but I could barely answer any of the questions.

1996 The Roquelaure Reader A companion to Anne Rice's Erotica

I got my version of this book from ebay and although I haven't read it yet it does look very good from what I have seen.

You can't get this book in the UK as far as I know and at the moment it is out of stock at amazon.com but check to see if it's there. You can often get second hand copies they as well.

1997 The Anne Rice Reader

This book has essay's on Anne Rice from many people the introduction is by Katherine Ramsland she also has essay's in it




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