The Mummy

The Mummy (Ramses the Damned) might be made into a film. As many big fans of the book might know it was at first meant to be a screen play for a mini series. The people making the series wanted to change all the character and Anne wasn’t to happy about it so what did she do change it into a book. Well good news for us many readers may have noticed that it has a great deal of speech in it that’s your


Ramses II Julie Stratford Lawrence Stratford Henry Stratford Cleopatra
Elliot Rutherford Randolph Stratford Alex Rutherfordn Samir Ibrahaim

Ramses II

Ramses II first born thousands of years before christ. He was an good king who looked after his people. After an visit to an local temple Ramses discovers the secret to immoratilty and so take it.
After handing over the ruling of his kingdom to his son he goes traveling when he becomes sick of this he helps out an new King and so he becomes sick of this and shuts himself away and he falls into an deep sleep.
He stay's in this sleep until awoken by Cleoptra who he falls in love with. After her sucide he again shuts himself away.
Staying in sleep till awoken by Lawrence Stratford when he discovers his tomb.
Ramses then falls in love with Julie Stratford.


Though still in love with Cleoprate he wakes her only to be disappointed as she appears to be an monster. In turn he makes Julie Immortal.

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Julie Stratford

The only child of Lawrence Stratford and the heir of his shipping empire.
Julie has always been a strong woman and so nothing can stop her when she wants to do something. She keeps an eye on the house and business while her father is in Egpyt.
Engaged to Alex she wants to live in Egypt after they marry.
It all changes when she mets Rames she no longer wants to marry as she falls in love with someone else.
Rames shows her an new life one that she wants forever.

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Lawrence Stratford

An old archaeglogist orginaly a shipping owner he has one daughter Julie. He has laways had an love of Egypt and when ever possiable his is there.
He leaves the running of the business to his brother Randolph.
He has close connections to the British Musuem and this is where he sents all his finds.
Lawrence is the one that uncovers Rames the Damneds Tomb.


Lawrence isn't in the book for long as he is poisoned while in Rames tomb by Henry his newphen.



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